About Donna


Donna became a Chronic Pain Coach when she realized her 21+ years as an Army Officer's spouse had perfectly equipped her for this specific service. 

She is a natural coach and instructor, just ask her family how much she loves to lecture and motivate.  She has been married to Chris for more than 25 years, and they have two adult children.  Both kids were blessed to be able to graduate from high school in Alaska.  Jake has since joined the Air Force as an Arabic Linguist, and Rebecca is studying anthropology.

Having come from an active family in Wisconsin, Donna enjoys most any type of outdoor activity (except running!).  She prefers to play rather than exercise. (In fact, she doesn't even use the word "exercise" in her coaching.)  She believes movement is the key to wellness, and that looks very different for every person!  

Donna's time as a water ski show performer provided her with a solid foundation of body awareness.  This is key to her love of anatomy and alignment in pain relief and balance through the aging process.  

Donna combines her love of health science, movement, mindset and faith to serve people struggling to overcome the wicked cycle of chronic pain that can pull them down a spiral of inactivity, depression, and hopelessness.  Donna provides an understanding of the science of pain and creates a toolbox of skills to cope with pain creating HOPE for a future of abundant living and confident moving.