Donna Nall

July 04, 2018

I have spent over 21 years as a US Army officer’s spouse, we have just recently retired in Alaska. The blessing of this lifestyle is that I have met many people from very diverse backgrounds and experiences. This time in the military fed my insatiable desire to learn about people and places.  The people I engaged with and the opportunities to serve my community led to a variety of educational and practical experiences.

I have a BS in Microbiology, trained as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and have a Personal Trainer and Holy Yoga Instructor certificate (science and fitness). My Army volunteer work led to Master Adult Instructor, and several Women’s Ministry leadership trainings to include Precept Leader training (leadership and instruction).  Add to that a little stint in behavior modification, assisting behavior analysts.

It was only after 20 years of adventures: changing locations, churches, jobs and friends, that I can say I see now how God used it all for “a time such as this”.  

My quest to learn who God is, how he made us to function and what He has revealed to us, led me to my current passion and service!  Pain management through Biopsychosocial-spiritual Wellness…isn’t that an awesome term?!? 

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